-pizza from wood fired oven-

Everything has started back in 2014 June :)​


The usual car trailer with the oven on top! That was the start of mobile pizza oven.

We were invited to few caterings in Oslo and Drammen with pizza oven hooked to the car. That made us to dream - going really mobile.

And here it comes second food truck in Norway (as far as we now). Probably the first one with wood fired oven in van :)

We met every day happy customers with a lot of good emotions, and good words about our pizza. Exiting to have so nice relations with permanent customers and meet new people every day. That made us think about settling down in Notodden.

Why? Because it was empty property in front of us. We thought that this is what we want to establish small cosy take away pizzeria! Food truck was sold, to pay costs of establishment. 

2015 May we opened door of permanent place! That was amazing time, and we say thank you for everybody who came to us. But, winter was hard, spring as well, and our our company economy stated to slip, we understood, that selling food truck was mistake. Now we had to wait customers to come, and we couldn't drive to them anymore. So 2017 January was the moment, when we decided to close our cosy take away pizzeria...

After closure, I couldn't find my self, and had only one wish to start food truck again.

So I decided to take a risk ask people help in crowd financing platform. So there was only issue to be solved - good introduction story in Norwegian language. Here I took a chance to ask translations help of neighbour. But instead of translating my text, they came with offer to start food truck with them. I took this offer. But, after some time, everything started to change... and - I was pushed out.

My big passion to pizza, and food trucks couldn't leave my mind, so it left nothing apart to establish new food truck again.

So with help of family and friends - my passion for pizza and food truck comes back on the wheels with new name - WOOD OVEN!

Join our journey, and we will make your stomach happy!